child custody lawyersStarting a child custody case can be a delicate process, both legally and emotionally. This legal battle will likely touch every aspect of your life, changing the way you interact with those around you. While it is often overlooked, social media is a large part of this interaction. Since your social profiles are part of your public and private image, it’s important to be careful about what you post. Use this guide to stay out of legal trouble and keep your case on track.

How can social media affect my case?
Your social media profile is a reflection of who you are and how you are behaving, regardless of its factual merit. Most child custody lawyers will have more information on its impact on your case, but the following are some of the most common ways that your posts can do harm.

  • Contradicting Posts: Remember that anything you post on social media can be used against you in court. This is especially true if something you post online does not quite line up with your recorded legal statement.
  • Misleading Information: Much of what you post on your profiles can be blown up out of context. For example, photos of you getting drinks with friends could be used as evidence for excessive alcohol consumption or partying.
  • Emotional Content: Some people use social media as a public diary, but this is not appropriate when it relates to a child custody case. Be sure not to rant about your ex or your case at all.
  • New Relationships: About 10% of the U.S. population is divorced, and many start dating after. If you are newly divorced, it is perfectly normal to post a profile on a dating site or date again in general. Be careful not to say that you are “single with no kids” or looking for “hookups” on your profile, as this could be used to harm your case.

How can I better manage my social media?
As your new golden rule, you should think a little extra before posting anything. Keep your private life as private as possible during this time. If you are having trouble keeping your social media free of potentially damaging content, consider taking a break from using these sites until your case is over. Most child custody lawyers will be able to give you more specific advice on how to manage online behavior, so be sure to ask.

By managing your private and public image, and working with the right legal help, you can boost your position in a child custody case. This is likely a difficult time for you, so remember to unplug and take care of your emotions with healthy outlets. Qualified child custody lawyers can recommend ways to manage your emotional health while still helping your case. Self-control and patience go a long way.