The process of divorce is an emotional whirlwind for any couple who goes through it. These heightened emotions can lead to one or both parties doing and saying things that may ultimately hurt their family and may even be illegal. In order to keep your family as your top priority throughout the divorce and to not break the law, know these key things that you should not do during a divorce.


  1. Don’t Hide MoneyWhile it may seem like you will be able to squirrel away money from your spouse during a divorce, there can be legal repercussions if you are found out. Once the divorce process has started, you could break the law if you start moving money out of any accounts. This action can be seen as an attempt to manipulate assets and you could be held in contempt of the court and sanctioned.
  2. Don’t Refuse To CommunicateEven if you and your ex-spouse have differences or issues with each other, you should try to always communicate in a civil and respectful manner. Not only will this make the divorce proceedings go much more smoothly, but it will also ease the process for any children involved. They will be able to see their parents communicate well even though they are getting separated and that will hopefully foster a better sense of security for them. The major exception to this rule is if the relationship was abusive and communicating with your ex-spouse poses a threat to you and your children.
  3. Don’t Play The Blame GameThe blame game is never productive during a divorce. At this point, you’ve already decided to legally separate and no amount of blame placing will change what happened in the past. In the United States, 10% of the population is divorced, and you have to make the transition to that percentage one way or another. Be aware of your ex-spouse’s feelings and know that you are not the only victim of the divorce.


In order to not break the law and to keep everything peaceful during the divorce proceedings, it is usually best to get a divorce lawyer to represent you. They will know how best to advise your specific situation and ensure that everyone comes out of the divorce fairly.