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Types of Legal Representation for Your Divorce

Types of Legal Representation for Your Divorce

Divorce is certainly a common process, but that does not mean there is a single type of divorce that fits every married couple. Determining the type of divorce you want also means determining the correct types of lawyers for your case. If you are having trouble deciding, here is some basic information on the different types of legal help available to you for a divorce.

Full-Scope Attorneys
Full-scope representation means that you will be hiring a divorce law firm to assist you with all legal issues pertaining to your divorce. In this case, your attorney will compile all of the necessary paperwork, handle all interactions with the attorney your spouse has hired, and represent you during all meetings, court hearings, and settlement negotiations. If you want your divorce to be quick, easy, and require minimal involvement on your part, these types of lawyers are excellent for the job.

Consulting Attorneys
If you decide that you do not need a full-scope attorney to represent you, a consulting attorney may be a better option. These attorneys typically do the bulk of their work behind the scenes of a divorce. They can draft paperwork, provide advice during mediation, and even perform legal analysis for their clients. In fact, more than two-thirds of all couples who used consulting attorneys for mediation said they were satisfied with the outcome of the process. The catch is that these lawyers cannot represent you in a court of law.

Limited-Scope Attorneys
Consulting attorneys are sometimes grouped with these attorneys, but they are not the same thing. While consulting attorneys do not appear in court, limited-scope attorneys are hired to assist with and even manage one or more processes within a divorce, including court dates. One of the most common uses for limited-scope attorneys is custody. Many spouses will hire one of these attorneys specifically to handle the custody aspects of their divorce. This can create a much less stressful divorce experience for the parties involved.

Any of these types of attorneys can be a huge help during a divorce. Above all else, it is important for you to assess your needs during a time like this. Depending on the services you require, you could request any one of these lawyers.