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Your Virtual Family Lawyer

Your Virtual Family Lawyer

Your Virtual Family Lawyer

Virtual Family Court and Attorney Practice

By Jeff J. Horn – Virtual Family Lawyer (and real human family lawyer)

What is a Virtual Family Lawyer? When I became a family lawyer, this meant going to the courthouse it with with all of the other family lawyers. You learned your craft in front of an audience. The other family lawyers would encourage you, support you and sometime, you. A virtual family lawyer lacks that instant feedback. Now that we have more  non-court time, virtual family lawyer practitioners, must reach out one another.  Out with the old and in the new Virtual Family Lawyer practice. For clients, know that we do. Your real human lawyer is working hard to be your ideal virtual family lawyer.

Day in the life – Virtual Family Lawyer

Back in the day, work started when you got to the office. Paperwork, returning phone calls getting the calendar straight – all important stuff. In the coronavirus pandemic, days and nights all ran together. Virtual family lawyer practice means when your phone is on your office is open. Virtual practice is always on.


Best use of your Virtual Family Lawyer


The office is always hope it. Translation – reaching out and getting in line is always available. Use your virtual family lawyers – parity. Because it’s open does not mean it’s a good idea to use it 24 hours a day.


Your virtual family lawyer is still a human being with varying levels of energy.

Usual your virtual lawyer’s best energy.

Top six(6) tips for getting the most out of your virtual family lawyer!

  1.  Batch your email -Batch questions together and send them in a coherent email.
  2.  Schedule phone call. Everyone hate phone chat. You have an email address for your virtual family lawyer. Use it. Give the law office time frames when you are free to talk.
  3.  Keep your phone appointment. See number two above – everyone hates phone chat. Set a time. Pick up the phone. Contact is frustrating enough. When an appointment is made keep it with your virtual family lawyer. Remember: your lawyer scheduling all bunch of these whole thing concentrating on yours for your time slot. If you miss your time slot, your lawyers energy will be distracted on your calls.
  4.  Video conferencing. Mediation in court is likely to be conducted on video. Use best practices. Dress appropriately. Find a quiet location to conduct your videoconference. Ideally, use headphone. Headphones reduce ambient background noise. Mute your phone when others are speaking. Wait your turn – kindergarten rule. One person speaking at once everyone gets a turn.
  5.  It’s law, do not record superior court proceedings. You can be charged with a crime. Don’t worry. Court proceedings Paul recorded. By and large, court proceeding are public and you can get the folio recording for free. However, certain docket are confidential and receiving the recording is highly restricted.
  6.  Virtual family lawyer conversations while driving. If you use Bluetooth – fine. Do not break the law while speaking to your lawyer. Put the phone down. Park your car fortunately, virtual practice actually makes more free time if we use it properly. Your lawyer can wait a minute ball you find peace safely park and have a virtual telephonic conference.

How does your virtual family lawyer communicate with other lawyers


Contrary to popular belief, lawyers need to communicate well with other lawyers. There are big advantages to your family lawyer speaking to the other lawyer. Productive communication results in narrowing of issues. Of course, some lawyers are deplorable communicators. Even some family lawyers are deplorable indicators. By and large, family lawyers communicate with one another to narrow issues and to serve his clients well.


Virtual family law court appearance.


For now, court is virtual. For most, this is a great benefit. There is no need to find your way to the courthouse. Long security line a thing of the past. You will not be stuck outside in the cold or rain waiting to get into the courthouse. Likewise, we are in a pandemic. Who wants to pack and with 100 of your closest Corona crazy friend? Nobody. The court system has handled the coronavirus pandemic magnificently. I wrote extensively about the impact of coronavirus on teh courts – one article was picked up by site that curates information regarding artificial intelligence –  Coronavirus kills the Courts – Rule of Law and Artificial Intelligence


Courts are winning the virtual justice delivery challenges.

Reborn Virtual Family Law Courts


“If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.”

Benjamin Franklin

The Court system is a notorious time waster. The Court system is a bureaucracy and hence tends to serve itself first. Court staff and judges have to move a certain amount of cases over a period of time. Easiest way for them to approach this is to pile up a whole bunch of cases, hope that a bunch of them will resolve and then adjudicate them one at a time. The mere act of forcing a bunch of the Court customers together may move cases. Not exactly the spirit that Jefferson, Hamilton and John Jay fought for.  However, the bureaucracy waits for no one. Everyone waits for the bureaucracy.

Time-wasting serves as a damper on access to justice in family court.

People that have significant other responsibilities such as caring for infant children or elderly relatives are squeezed by the pain of Court time. Show up at this time and get stuck in the Courthouse for the entire day. It’s an unspoken policy that the Court squeezes the customers into doing something and getting out of Court. Resolving a case, pleading guilty or figure out a way to never have to come back again.

That is not justice.

Indeed, many cases get stuck because people don’t know, what they don’t know. A system designed and run by highly trained and experienced professionals Court staff, judges and lawyers tends to not align well with outsiders.

If you are going to have one or two contacts with the family court system in your life, how much time will you spend getting to know your system? Not much. If you have funds for a family lawyer, your lawyer will take care of it. If you are unable to retain counsel you will need to self-educate. 

Virtual Family Law practice has improved dramatically during the pandemic.

But, it is far from perfect. In fact, courts have huge issues with licenses in civil division and in family law. You may have – – – your case may be heard on the telephone instead of video. I find conversations with more than two people on the telephone debilitating. However, the court is doing the best. Budgets allow for so many video licenses, so we deal with reality.

Looking back on these days we will laugh at chaos and inefficiency. Virtual family lawyer practice and indeed all administration of justice is improving. Coronavirus kills the court in the spirit of innovation, artificial intelligence and technology save the day.

Ocean County – Virtual Family Law Mediation

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos via Unsplash