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Jeff J. Horn, ESQ.

  • Rutgers University
  • Widener School of Law – Wilmington, Delaware
  • Attorney, Businessman, and Community Member
  • Before becoming a lawyer, Jeff worked in the environmental cleanup business – managing projects on hazardous waste sites, serving as regional manager of a national air and soil testing equipment company, and cleaning up oil and chemical spills
  • Opened his own law firm in 1998 to serve the needs of local individuals and families

What Family Means to Me

Family is the main building block of society. We all stand on the shoulders of those that came before us in our family. Whether by blood, marriage, or circumstance, our family supports us and encourages us to be our best and move toward a big future.

What I Love About Being an Attorney

Every day I run up the steps of my law office to take on the challenges of the day. I know that I was born to be a family lawyer – to offer my clients peace of mind and a roadmap to achieve their goals. I love hearing from our many clients whose journey takes them on the path to peace and success.

What I Do When I’m Not Working

I am a curious learner. Every day I meditate, read a little, write a little, and learn by listening to podcasts – that is the brain stuff. For the body, I am a man of routine – I work out every single day whether that means riding the bike, hitting the gym, or running.

Unfair Advantage

Jeff’s unfair advantage is that he never tires out…. whether it’s working with you on your case, coming up with his next Big Idea, or participating in a physically demanding activity. Jeff has completed a full marathon in all 50 states. He has never failed to finish a full marathon and will never tire out in your case. He leads our team by working to develop a clear vision, specific tactics, and a strategy for your case.

Outside the law, Jeff has been a serial entrepreneur. He brings extensive business knowledge, in addition to his unquestioned legal expertise, to your matter. Jeff and his team document hundreds of processes and details every year to enhance your client experience.

Jeff is an avid writer and sharer of information. He is the author of Shock Proof Divorce, Shock Proof Family Law, Rich Uncle Divorce: A Divorce Parable, and his upcoming book, The First Eight Days of Your Divorce. He writes regularly for our newsletter and social media posts. Jeff is also the host of his podcast, The Bold Sidebar – a long-form interview show where experts in and around the law are interviewed and talk about their mentors, best practices, and how to improve the system that serves all of our clients. N/A (732) 736-9300 JEFF J. HORN, ESQ.
Jeff J. Horn, Esq.
Trial attorneys committed to doing one thing: what's right for our clients