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Are You one of the ‘Too Many’??

Are You one of the ‘Too Many’??

Guest Writer: Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW

Too many people struggle in their most important relationships. Too many people feel misunderstood by their partners. Too many people are terrified to get really honest with their significant others. Too many people don’t know how to ‘fight’ effectively and resolve conflicts. Too many people think divorce is the only answer.

It doesn’t have to be this way! So why is this the case for so many people?

First, we often don’t learn how to have healthy relationships; instead we are impacted by what we see around us; in our homes as kids, on tv, the movies, media, etc. These are not always positive role models and if they are, sometimes may present an unrealistic picture. For instance, the movies often show us over romanticized ‘perfect’ looking people and relationships. Then, we tend to think that if our relationships are not that way that something is wrong with us. Be mindful of not comparing ‘the inside of your relationship’ (the details of your relationship) to the ‘outside of others’ relationships’ (only what you see).

Secondly, many people hold the belief that ‘relationships should just be easy’ and if they require too much work, they must be in the wrong relationship. We live in a society where things, and unfortunately, people are disposable or replaceable. The true gifts in relationships come when we do the work to better understand our partners and ourselves. Additionally, working through the challenges in the normal highs and lows of relationships can only help us to grow as individuals and as a couple.

Lastly, FEAR. Many people are afraid to be deeply honest and vulnerable with their significant other. This does require courage and a feeling of emotional safety in the relationship. When one feels safe enough to share and finds the courage to do so, it helps couples to feel more connected.

So, I ask you, are you one of the ‘too many’? And if so, what is your reason from the 3 listed above? Whatever your answer is, I can help you create a breakthrough… You don’t have to struggle in your relationship or settle for just contentment or status quo. Why shouldn’t you and your partner enjoy all the perks of a healthy, committed and loving relationship? You may just need the proper tools…

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And don’t be one of the ‘Too Many’..Instead be one of the “Happy and Fulfilled”…