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The adoption of a child is a joyous and exciting occasion. However, it often comes after a long journey of home visits, paperwork, and an emotional roller coaster. The HLG team is here to help you through any type of adoption matter, including:

  • Domestic Agency Adoption
  • Private (Non-Agency) Adoption
  • Interstate Adoption
  • Division of Child Protection and Permanency Adoption
  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Kinship Adoption
  • Contested Adoption
  • Adult Adoption


Adoption is the legal movement of a child from one family to another. This major shift is not taken lightly. The court must consider the best interests of the child, the legal rights of the child’s biological parents, and the interests of the adoptive parents.

While these interests are in line with each other in the best of situations, not all adoptions are easy. Adoptions of all kinds can face difficulties when one or more parties voice their disagreement with the adoption, or when a court questions whether an adoption is best for the child. A seasoned adoption attorney can help you find a balance and protect you and your family.

While adoption may be one of the most fulfilling moments of your life, the process is not always free of conflict. Seeing an adoption through to its completion can be difficult and emotionally draining.

A compassionate adoption lawyer will provide significant and critical support as you navigate the process. Schedule a consultation today to discuss growing your family through adoption.