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Bad News from your Family Law Attorney

Bad News from your Family Law Attorney

Bad News from your Family Law Attorney

Take it in stride!

Jeff J. Horn – Family Law Attorney


Face it, you will get bad news from your family law attorney.  Oftentimes, frustrating you is a goal of the other side. By and large, everyone feels out of control.  Likely, you turn to your family law attorney for answers.

Frequently, the answer is even more bad news from your family law attorney.

Alimony Bad News

For example, resolving alimony is the toughest job for your family law attorney.  One side wants too much alimony. On the contrary, the other side wants to pay too little. Certainly, you are willing to compromise. However, your family law attorney delivers you the scoop – the other side is just being stubborn.

Child Custody Bad News

Alternatively, one side fights for child custody just to leverage The other side. Child custody can be a nasty tug-of-war.  Usually, child custody disputes resolved themselves. Remember, Time Heals all wounds. during the battle, however, you will receive bad news from your family law attorney.

For instance, you need to a child custody evaluator. although some cases genuinely need and independent child psychologist, the vast majority do not. beware, forensic psychology evaluations cost loads of money. Even if you have money to burn, hiring a forensic child psychologist should be your last resort. likely, you have better things to do with your money.  simultaneously, the psychological evaluation process can exact a huge toll on your children.


Oftentimes, the children feel like they have to make the choice.

Even if a child seems eager to participate, the damage can run very deep. It is highly unlikely that a child would forget enduring a forensic psychological evaluation. Similarly, your family law attorney may deliver you bad news that the children need to be interviewed by the family court judge. Oftentimes, Family Court judges interview children after the forensic evaluation is complete.

New Jersey family court rules allow the family court judge to interview children.  Here is a link to the court rules that guide child custody disputes Custody of Children .

Court rules are complex and confusing.

Your family law attorney we’ll tell you about these rules. Likewise, your family law attorney will tell you about our child custody statute.

Perhaps surprisingly, Family Court judges do not want to try custody cases. The entire family court process is set up for parents to decide child custody issues. 

How should you receive bad news from your family law attorney?

 Three ways:


The old saying that bad news travels fast is true. In family law, this old saying is rule number one.  Hence, your family law attorney should deliver the bad news quickly.


Unlike fine wine and food, bad news in family law can be tough to digest.  Accordingly, your family law attorney should pair bad news with good news.  In the absence of good news, bad news should be matched with options.  Family law is about the future. Obviously, achieving your goals sets up your big future.


Avoid surprise in your family case. But how? From the beginning, demand that your family law attorney sets realistic expectations.  ask your family law attorney to under-promise and over-deliver. 

Happy with Your Family Law Attorney?

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