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Net Dollar Analysis

Net dollars are those assets and support that you receive (or pay) when compared to the costs of the process. Your stuff and income will be determined and divided fairly. The extent of what is left for you after expending funds, tears, and energy are the net dollars.

When your ex acts detrimentally to the family’s finances, your instinct will be to unleash your shark of a lawyer and to get even with your ex. It may be essential for you to take action to protect yourself and your children financially. The decision to act, however, cannot be made prior to gauging the cost of the action. That cost is measured by the legal fees, other professional fees, court costs for both parties, and the cost of further erosion of good faith juxtaposed with the likelihood of success. Do the math first. Add the human element into the equation and decide if a short-term win will be worth the financial cost and the additional process anger before you act. Have your lawyer prepare the court papers, sign and hold them for 72 hours. During this self-imposed cooling-off period, run the numbers. The exercise, even with the “wasted” court papers, will be worth more than the high cost of the wrong decision made due to process anger.