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Processing Anger

“Sometimes I blow up and say things I don’t mean.” Client quote.

Process anger is the rush of emotions that result from the break-up process — from the seed of discontent through the final agreement or court order and post-break-up disputes — rather than the mere loss of love for the ex. Forgetting process anger will enable you to heal and think objectively about your break-up and your future.

Don’t get emotional about the family law process — the process has bias and inefficiency that may disproportionately impact your case. Do not alter your goals based upon disappointment in the family law process — your goals of supporting yourself and nurturing your children cannot be achieved if surrendered to the process. Do not yield your human warmth to the family law process — life continues when the process is over. You must control your life without the process and process anger. A smart lawyer wrote “getting divorced is a lot worse than being divorced.”i Keep that in mind.