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Tina A. George

Head of Marketing
  • Born and raised in New York.
  • Rider University, Lawrenceville NJ – Bachelor of Arts
  • Career Corporate World Junkie: Barnes & Noble, LexisNexis to name a few.
  • Spent a few years working in smaller, global companies: Intelligent Security Systems, Scrawl Media, Interactive Story Adventures.
  • Resilient entrepreneur – Principal in a boutique marketing firm.
  • Expertise spans several industries: Law, Publishing, Media, Fashion, Education, and Security.
  • Now enjoys the non-corporate work life.

What Family Means to Me

It’s boundless and exhausting love. Built in Ride or Die’s. My friends, my blood, my pets, my tribe.

What I Love About Being Head of Marketing

It’s human centric at the end of the day. Sure, numbers play a role but it’s not THE ROLE. While I may not always like all humans, it’s fascinating to try and understand them. Turns out my liberal arts degrees in Psych + English come in handy after all!

What I do When I’m Not Working

Daydream (typical Pisces!). Avid reader, my head is always in a book. Pilates is my lifeline. TRX releases the agro. Yoga has stuck with me and my moods. A Dog lover. A Chef. A Nap habitué. A wanna-be Paz Lenchantin + Tina Weymouth hybrid bassist.

Unfair Advantage

Tina’s unfair advantage is channeling a vast amount of educational and topical information and providing it broadly to anyone needing help with the family law process – specifically to our clients and potential new clients.

Sy Sims relied upon a great slogan “an educated consumer is our best customer.” Tina is responsible for making sure our clients and potential new clients have access to the best information and education available about family law. She professionally and beautifully creates resources to aid you in achieving your big future. Tina ensures that our books, e-books, podcasts, newsletter, blogs, and social media posts are consistent, topical, and timely. Tina brings her years of big-time education-based marketing to our team, our clients, and our future clients. N/A (732) 736-9300 JEFF J. HORN, ESQ.
Tina A. George
Trial attorneys committed to doing one thing: what's right for our clients