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4 Tips for Using Social Media During a Divorce

4 Tips for Using Social Media During a Divorce

It’s a fact of the modern day that social media has become an all too intertwined aspect of society. People use it to post photos, update statuses, share their location, and just about everything else that you can think of. Yet, there is a time and a place in which social media should be used. A divorce is not a good time to utilize social media.

If you’re going through a divorce or you suspect that divorce is in your future, here are a few tips for how you use social media.

Don’t insult your spouse

There are two outcomes of posting something negative about your spouse on social media and both end up badly for you. If you post comments that are inherently untrue, then you could face a lawsuit for libel. However, even if your comments are true, you aren’t doing yourself any favors in the eyes of the court.

Don’t “check-in”

Some social media sites like Facebook allow you to “check-in” and share a quick status update of your location. This can end up causing you more damage than good, particularly if you’re out at a bar when you told your spouse you were at home or something of that nature. It can be used as digital proof to help your spouse support their claims of your alcoholism, lying, or something of that nature.

Know your circle of “friends”

If you share the some of the same online friends as your spouse, then anything you share can ultimately get relayed back to them. Even if you’re careful about what you post, anything can be used against you. If you can, do your best to block or unfriend people that are friends with your spouse as well.

Just delete your accounts

The best advice that any law office or divorce lawyer can give you about social media during a divorce is to just not use it. Too many things can go wrong and it’s not just a domestic argument anymore, your family and finances are at stake as well. Divorce proceedings last about a year on average, which is a long time to have to watch every move you make online. Getting rid of your accounts is the safest bet.

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