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New law sets guidelines for domestic violence victim’s unpaid leave

Effective October 1, 2013, victims of domestic violence or a sexually violent offense are eligible to take unpaid leave from work to attend to their care and recovery.

The law, known as the NJ SAFE ACT, applies to employees of companies with twenty five or more employees. In addition to working for an employer with twenty five or more employees, the employee must have worked for the employer for at least twelve months, and worked at least one thousand hours in the twelve month period preceding the requested leave. In addition to attending to ones own needs, an employee may take NJ SAFE ACT leave to attend to the needs of a child, parent, spouse, domestic partner or civil union partner who was a victim of domestic violence or a sexually violent offense. The NJ SAFE ACT also provides for the imposition of fines, legal fees together with reinstatement and recovery for lost wages and benefits in the case that an employer violates the NJ SAFE ACT.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the NJ SAFE ACT an an employer or someone assisting a domestic violence victim.