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Divorce Mediation in Ocean County

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County

By Jeff J. Horn – Ocean County Divorce Mediator

Considering Divorce Mediation in Ocean County?

Well done. Divorce Mediation resolves marital disputes in Ocean County and throughout New Jersey.  The Horn Law Group is Divorce Mediation friendly. We have recommended our clients to Divorce Mediation in Ocean County for over twenty (20) years.  We also mediate Divorce and family law cases in Ocean County on a regular basis. 

Divorce Mediation offers litigants enormous benefits.


First is privacy and confidentiality.

The Judge never finds out what you discussed in  Divorce Mediation.  you and your spouse are free to propose Creative Solutions to resolve your marriage through Divorce Mediation in Ocean County.

Secondly, your valuable time is managed.  You set the pace. The Court does not drag you through a terrible process of many Court appearances. 


Thirdly, cost is managed.

If both parties are committed to resolving issues of the marriage through Divorce Mediation, success is assured.  a mediated Divorce process cost way less than fully litigated .


Fourthly, you will be sent to Divorce Mediation anyway.

Why wait for the Judges in Ocean County to send you?  Embrace the process that ensures your confidentiality, time management and cost efficiency.


Divorce Mediation in Ocean County – Process

Divorce cases are mediated by Court order. Alternatively, Divorce cases are mediated by agreement.  Unless you settle your case right away, you are headed to Divorce Mediation.

Divorce Mediation steps:

Divorce Mediation Phase 1


  •  select a qualified Divorce mediator
  •  choose with the advice of your lawyer
  •  Conversely,  choose your own and consult with a lawyer later
  •  align the Divorce Mediation goals with your big future
  •  exchange vital financial information
  •  present alternative and Creative Solutions to the Divorce mediator

 Divorce Mediation Phase 2

  •  conduct live or virtual meetings with the mediator
  •  consult with your private attorney regarding strategy and options
  •  review a draft agreement or understanding with the Divorce mediator
  •  likewise, review a draft agreement or understanding with your Divorce lawyer
  •  propose alternatives
  • edit the draft agreement

 Divorce Mediation Phase 3

  •  once you feel comfortable with your agreement
  •  then, take the final draft to your Divorce lawyer
  •  if agreed, both sides sign the agreement
  •  take a deep breath and a bow –  the hardest part is over

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County – Confidentiality

I cannot emphasize the importance of confidentiality. Divorce Mediation gets you out of the Courthouse.  the snooping neighbor or the Internal Revenue Service will never find out anything about your finances.  The Judge will never see your tax returns or confidential medical records.  you, your spouse and your professionals decide on what will be shared.  You control your future by controlling information exchange.

Full information exchange is expected.

However, it is not shared with the public.  No one listens to your Mediation.  Divorce mediator is bound by a duty of confidentiality to everyone. 

In a world of compromised privacy – your confidential Divorce is essential.  It is too easy for others to find out your private business, Divorce Mediation in Ocean County closes one flank.

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County – Resources

How do you start Divorce Mediation in Ocean County?

A Divorce case is filed in Court.  An answer is filed to the Divorce complaint.  In Ocean County, the next step is a case management conference.  Pick Mediation right away.  Alternatively, attempt to resolve the matter. unsuccessful? The Court will appoint you to Mediation.

The first stop is ESP or early settlement panel.  Volunteer lawyers and other professionals help you settle your case.  They do an excellent job. Listen to Skilled Divorce lawyers volunteering their time. 

Your case needs more help…

Economic Mediation is ordered by the Court. You and your lawyers select a mediator.  in Ocean County,  you receive one free hour of Mediation – then you go on the clock.  One spouse or both spouses may have to pay the mediator.  again, listen to the mediator.  the mediator is not your cheerleader.  In fact, the mediator is a cheerleader for your big future.  get out of Court as fast as possible.

Economic Mediation can be one quick session or multiple sessions.  Take advantage of the resources and knowledge of the mediator. 

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County – Practice Pointer –  if your lawyer is yelling at the mediator or going crazy, likely, you need to reconsider your attorney-client relationship.


Most lawyers and mediators are happy to work together and resolve a case. If your lawyer makes no effort to settle the case it is either your fault or your lawyer’s fault.  every conversation should get you information needed to make your best Divorce decisions.  if you are screaming at the mediator,  you are not  absorbing key information.

If Mediation number one fails,  you are free to or stick with the initial mediator. remember, it is the mediators job to make everyone feel insecure about their trial positions.  no one wins at trial.   a Divorce trial makes no one happy.  Even the best Divorce trial lawyers settle most cases.

A Divorce trial is your last resort

Mediating couples get breaks from the Court.  Couples fighting do not get breaks. 

Dream of your best outcome. Then, dream about a fair process.  a fair process means both sides are treated with respect.  If you only want revenge, Mediation will fail.  By the way,  the trial will fail also.  Court is a lousy place to solve mental anguish.  Generally, Court makes people anxious and nervous.  My Ocean County Divorce clients hardly ever get a good night sleep before Court.

Divorce Mediation may seem a little opaque. There is no such thing as Mediation TV.  I think the drama of Law & Order and then take away all of the drama.  Divorce Mediation is a lot closer to that. 

Mediation for High Conflict Divorce Cases in Ocean County

Reasons for Divorce – Ocean County

NJ Court Resources – Divorce Mediation

The program for economic Mediation is in place in all counties. The emphasis of the program is to resolve the economic issues in the case, such as equitable distribution of marital property and support.

Cases are referred by the Court to Mediation. Not settled after the Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP)? ?? However, the parties may request and be referred to Mediation at any time prior to the MESP.

Some benefits of Mediation include confidentiality of the proceedings, and the opportunity for the parties to create their own mutually acceptable agreement and take an active role in resolving their own disputes. Additionally, and in most instances, Mediation saves the parties time and money.

The mediators on the rosters include both attorney-mediators who focus substantially on family law and other experienced professionals in the financial or mental health fields.

All mediators on the roster have completed 40 hours of Mediation training. Under Court Rule 1:40- 4(b) the mediator contributes the first two hours, including preparation time, at no cost to the parties.