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November Is ADOPTION MONTH : Family Update

November Is ADOPTION MONTH : Family Update

DeSiato Family Update

As you know, Ava has significant needs.  She is going well.  She has been approved for ABA therapy.  We think that is going to help her a lot.  She will receive 16 hours a week of services.

William is doing great.  He is growing, and is the 90th percentile for growth.  He is so smart and lovable.  We think he will be a great brother for Ava when he gets older.

Our other three children wake up every day, smile, and give Ava and William a hug before school.  At my son’s Bar Mitzvah, he wrote a beautiful speech about how happy he is to be an older brother to Ava and William.

It is so wonderful to have everyone so happy together.  It is a great feeling.

Picture:  Family Photo from Recent Bar Mitzvah

(Dad and Ava not pictured)