law officeAs you prepare for the best day of your life, you don’t want to think about the possibility of divorce. While you never want to imagine your marriage ending, it’s important to consider how and why a prenuptial agreement can benefit you. In fact, forming a prenup can be a good thing! Before you make any decisions, be sure to talk to a law office to explore all your options.

Many marriages end in divorce
Unfortunately, 20% of first marriages end in separation or divorce within the first five years. Though you can’t fathom the thought of calling a divorce attorney, sitting down with a divorce law firm and discussing your options is a great way to protect your assets.

You never know what may happen down the road. Just like you’d take out insurance on your car, you have a right to apply insurance to the assets you have before a marriage starts and after a marriage ends. This can also relieve the pressure on you to save a marriage that is detrimental to your health or well-being. Knowing both you and your assets are protected provides a safety net if things should go south. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a law office or divorce lawyer if you have any questions.

You look at your finances
Prenuptial agreements are designed to help a person protect their assets before marriage — if you make more money than your partner or if you’re not good at budgeting, this is a great way to get a better idea of your financial stability both inside and outside of the marriage. The idea of ‘what’s mine is yours’ can be stressful, whether you’re comfortable sharing with your future spouse or not. Additionally, discussing your options may reveal important insecurities both of you have — if you are unable to discuss finances amicably with your partner, this may lead to more problems down the road.

The dog
Many people don’t consider the family pets that are thrust into limbo when a divorce settlement begins. Considering a “pet prenup” might be beneficial when you’re taking a look at your marriage. In fact, pet issues in breakups are becoming so popular, entire days are spent on legally classifying ownership in a divorce. Whether you come into a marriage with a pet that your partner fell in love with, or you know you’d rather give your ex the responsibility, deciding on this before the marriage can save you a lot of additional heartache.

While prenups seem scary, the legal help can guarantee your safety, your finances, and your animal a healthy, happy home. Consider speaking to a law office if you have questions before you get married.