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The First Eight Days of Your Divorce

The First Eight Days of Your Divorce

I am so pleased to offer my latest Divorce and Family Law book – we reached #1 in New Releases – thanks to your purchases and reviews! Here is a snippet:

If my star Divorce client was still healing from her decades old divorce, then how deep or lingering must the pain of others be? Getting a divorce is an exercise in temporary insanity. Perhaps the temporary nature of it actually lasts longer than I had thought….you can get through them and keep your head in the right placeā€¦. you will win.

Society’s best people at their worst call our law firm everyday.

The average American lives 48 years post-divorce; that’s 17,532 days. I need to get you through the first Eight Days of your divorce. Get through these first Eight Days and deserve a big future over the following 17,524 days. The first Eight Days of your divorce are:

Day One: Broken Heart

Day Two: Uncertainty

Day Three: Anger

Day Four: Social Impact

Day Five: Money and Stuff

Day Six: Getting Help

Day Seven: Everything at Once

Day Eight: A Gift to You

Please enjoy this book available directly from Amazon in Kindle or in printed form. Jeff