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Divorce and Family Law Attorney Expectations

Divorce and Family Law Attorney Expectations

Divorce and Family Law Attorney Expectations

By Jeff J. Horn, Ocean County Divorce

What should you expect from your divorce and family law attorney?

Let’s talk about the divorce and family law attorney consultation process. We are a little different at the Horn Law Group. We give you a thorough completely free consultation before you pay one dime. Typically, this consultation is telephonic or via videoconference. We make selecting a divorce and family law attorney as easy and efficient as possible. The choice of a divorce and family law attorney will have a long term impact on you. Obviously , your family is worth going through a thoughtful process in selecting your divorce and family law attorney.


What should you look for in a divorce and family law attorney?


Start with the obvious. Ideally, a trusted friend or other lawyer provides you with a solid referral. People in business know the lawyers who focus on divorce and family law. Divorce and family law is highly personal – this is your journey.


Check out the lawyer website. Does the lawyer offer loads of free resources?


Are there divorce and family law books on the website?


A lawyer that writes books regarding divorce and family law has invested a huge amount of time and energy into that practice area.


Should you pay a consultation fee?


There is no one answer. Time is your most precious resource. We at the Horn Law Group talk to you on the phone or video for free immediately. You do not wait for a consultation. Telephone consultations are the same day for the following day. No longer. Your divorce and family law issues are too important to wait for a calendar opening.


When you are ready to make a game plan for your divorce and family law attorney representation, you should expect to pay.


Remember, you are interviewing your divorce and family law attorney. Your family law attorney is interviewing you as well. You can walk away. The lawyer can walk away from your case. Gap in lot of value from your initial discussions with divorce and family law attorneys.


General practice attorney versus specialized attorney?


We live in a world of increasing specialization. A highly skilled and bright lawyer can specialize in two or three areas maximum. Be mindful of a lawyer that handles everything. I take my car to the body shop for bodywork. The mechanic does the mechanic work.

Lawyers that specialize in divorce and family law work.

These attorneys know the other divorce and family law attorneys. The strengths and the weaknesses. Specialized practice area lawyers participate in exclusive bar association meetings. Newsletters are shared among the lawyers and not specialized groups. Facebook groups are established for specialized practice areas. A specialized lawyer focuses continuing education on their area of expertise. When the law changes, you want your lawyer to be on top of it.

The general practitioner has a hard time keeping up with so many updates to the law and procedures. The judge’s in family law participate in the same continuing education and oftentimes, bench bar conferences.

Don’t most divorce and family law matters settle?

Excellent point. The New Jersey Supreme Court encourages all attorneys to settle their cases. Specialized attorneys know the best mediators and arbitrators. The worst thing that can happen is a trial because no one knew how to settle the case.

I want my day in court!

This is where experience matters. We at the Horn Law Group have litigated hundreds of divorce and family law motions and trials. These include divorce trials – alimony, assets, debt and critical children issues. Many divorces returned to court and require a post divorce trial. We have handled dozens of domestic violence trials as well. Trials can last one half day or span over a period of months. If your lawyer handles multiple case types scheduling your next trial date can be a nightmare.


Attorney-client communication


Typically, 24 hours is reasonable for a phone call or email to be returned. If you call every day, not expect that rule to apply to you. Use the resources of your divorce and family law attorney wisely. Read articles and watch videos on your attorney’s website. Batch your questions and issues. Email a list of concerns to your attorney. The process of putting the list together may give you some peace. The answers may simply confirm your own thinking.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash