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Free Money for Your Family Law Case?

Free Money for Your Family Law Case?


Free Money for Your Family Law Case?

Jeff J. Horn – NJ Family Lawyer

I want everyone to start 2021 off with some free money from the State of New Jersey. If you are starting a family law case in 2021, some extra money could help.

Usually, when the State comes calling, it is to collect money not give it up. Certainly, your family law case could cost you some money. The abandoned property process is free. You do not need to hire your family lawyer to get this free money.

No Guarantees in your family law case

Likewise, there are no guarantees that you own some abandoned property.

Well, maybe not everyone will get it however it is worth a try. Go to the NJ Unclaimed Property  homepage go to the Claims Section and click “search for unclaimed property” put in your last name and see what happens. You might just be surprised. My friend and longtime accountant Michael P McDermott, CPA suggests that everyone check this site from time to time. He has given me this tip and I happily pass it along to you. Indeed, more than one friend and family member have collected funds due to them from New Jersey’s unclaimed property agency.

Find some free money?

What to do with your new found dollars? Check with your financial planner. Speak to a trusted money advisor. If in doubt, pay off some nagging debt!

Many of my family law case clients have collected “lost” funds

How long will your abandoned property be available to you? Typically three years. However, the rules vary from one year to 10 years. Go to the website now. Start in January 2021 and make it an annual habit.

Happy abandoned property hunting!

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