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Family Law Goal Setting

Family Law Goal Setting

Family Law Goal Setting

Jeff J. Horn – Ocean County Family Lawyer

Family law and goal setting work together. No goals equals no success. Your family law matter deserves big goals. Of course, your family deserves a big future.


Think of family law goal setting as a mini competition. Certainly, you will go off course. Family law goal setting will get you back on course.


Family law goal setting and weightlifting


What does weightlifting have to do with family law goal setting? Nothing and everything.


Family law disputes weaken society and individuals. But not forever. Temporary weakness caused by a dispute in family law can be resolved. It all starts with goal setting.


Can you get stronger in one year?


Of course you can. What would it take? Setting some goals and lift some weights.


For example, you can bench press 50 pounds. You want to be able to bench press 100 pounds.


You have set a goal and have one year to achieve your goal. Five sets times five reps of an easy weight – that’s where you start. Lift these weights twice per week. Every time the five reps and five sets become easy, increase the weight by 5 pounds and continue the pattern.


Russian Weightlifting Secrets.


Weight lifters have setbacks. Clearly, increasing weights every session is impossible. Sometimes, weights will drop – no!


Family law goal setting means knowing where you want to go in one year. Clearly, linear progress is unlikely. Setbacks are inevitable.


Your family law issues include child custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution.


Set quick goals

Resolve child custody in two months. Set many goals underneath that goal. 

1.Provide a proposal to my lawyer within two weeks.

  1. Request a response from the other side within one week. Setback you do not hear from the other side for three weeks. What happened? Possibly, the other lawyer was on vacation.
  2. Stay vigilant. Eyes remain on goals.
  3. At the same time, equitable distribution of the marital home and child support can be moving toward a resolution. Goal. You gave yourself four months to resolve equitable distribution and child support.


New goal setting. Equitable distribution is solved. The house will be sold and the investments will be divided. Goal achieved.


Family law goal setting

  1. Custody is still open. 
  2. Child support is still open.
  3. Go to mediation.


Goal Achieved – Parenting time is agreed upon and child support immediately thereafter. You are late on custody and parenting time but early on equitable distribution and child support.


Family law and goal setting – momentum. 

You now have the momentum to resolve your entire family case. Use the goodwill when you have it. Now mediate the issue of alimony. Once both sides are moving from stubbornly held positions, case is resolved.


Back to Weightlifting


Oh no – your bench press is stuck. However, your squats are improving. It is okay, stay at the same weight until five reps for five sets becomes easy. Practicing your squats does not make your bench press stronger. Mindset shift, improving your squats builds confidence to improve your overall strength. Goal setting on the bench shapes the mind. Those goals carry over to the squat which carries over to the bench.

Back to Family Goals

You missed your goal on child custody but resolved the entire case. Momentum and goodwill provide return on investment when you have invested in family law goal setting.

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