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Ocean County Super Lawyer

Ocean County Super Lawyer

Ocean County Super Lawyer


What is  an Ocean County Super Lawyer?


Few Ocean County lawyers are recognized by the several rating services.  Fortuitously, Jeff J Horn has been consistently recognized as an Ocean County super lawyer. “It is nice to be recognized by my peers. We work hard to live up to the reputation” as “super lawyer in Ocean County” – – Ocean County Super Lawyer.


What does it mean to Jeff Horn to be acknowledged by  Ocean County Super Lawyer?


The Horn Law Group has its roots at the Jersey Shore and in Ocean County. We have always had a law office in the county seat of Ocean County, Toms River. With so many terrific lawyers around it is a thrill to be awarded the Ocean County Super Lawyer designation. I am proud. Similarly, I’m also very proud of my colleagues who consistently receive recognition by the By the rating services.  The big ones that I am aware of are our super lawyer and best lawyers.

Jeff J. Horn – Divorce and Family Law

  • Super Lawyers: 2009, 2011, 2019 – 2021
  • Rising Stars: 2006 – 2007
  • Best Lawyers 2017 – 2020

What is the Ocean County super lawyer selection process?


Let me start by saying we do not pay for this. A lawyer cannot buy a spot on the super lawyer list.  Likewise, a lawyer cannot buy a spot on the best lawyers list.  The services utilize factors including peer review and digital evaluations to establish who is a super lawyer or best lawyer.


Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer competition is stiff


Most likely, every lawyer likes recognition from peers.  Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers competition is Statewide.  Therefore, all we can do is concentrate on family law practice excellence, professionalism and successful clients.


The only opinion we value is those of our clients and referral partners.


 Honestly, if our clients and referral partners believe we are the Ocean County Super Lawyer for their case, we are honored to undertake the representation. The Horn Law Group is honored to be named an Ocean County super lawyer alongside our many colleagues including Joe Lepore, Esquire  and Peter Bronzino who consistently receive top honors. 


SuperLawyer listings are free – we pay nothing to be included. 


Hint – the Lawyers with pictures and profiles pay for those spots. We are honored to be awarded without paying a dime for our spot on the list.


New Jersey Supreme Court


Lawyer listings sometimes cause controversy. The New Jersey Supreme Court permits lawyers to participate in listing services and advertising. The court does require a clear warning. The court has not participated in the selection of the lawyers or endorsed the lawyers on the list.


The New Jersey Supreme Court notes twelve “regulatory components”:

1.  The advertising representation must be true;

2.  The advertisement must state the year of inclusion in the listing as well as the specialty for which the lawyer was listed;

True and Complete

3.  The basis for the implied comparison must be verifiable by accurate and adequate disclosure in the advertisement of the rating or certifying methodology utilized for compiling the listing or inclusion that provides a basis upon which a consumer can reasonably determine how much value to place in the listing or certification;  as a minimum, the specific empirical data regarding the selection process should be included (e.g., in a peer-review methodology, the number of ballots sent and the percentage of the ballots returned․);

4.  The rating or certifying methodology must have included inquiry into the lawyer’s qualifications and considered those qualifications in selecting the lawyer for inclusion;

Cannot Pay

5.  The rating or certification cannot have been issued for a price or fee, nor can it have been conditioned on the purchase of a product, and the evaluation process must be completed prior to the solicitation of any advertising, such as for a special advertising supplement in a magazine or other publication;

6.  Where superlatives are contained in the title of the list itself, such as here, the advertising must state and emphasize only one’s inclusion in the Super Lawyers or The Best Lawyers in America list, and must not describe the attorney as being a “Super Lawyer” or the “Best Lawyer;”

Not Misleading

7.  Likewise, claims that the list contains “the best” lawyers or, e.g., “the top 5% of attorneys in the state,” or similar phrases are misleading, are usually factually inaccurate and should be prohibited;

8.  The peer-review or certification methodology must contain proper usage guidelines that embody these requirements and must be adhered to in the advertisement;

9.  The advertising must be done in a manner that does not impute the credentials bestowed upon individual attorneys to the entire firm;

10.  The peer-review or certification methodology must be open to all members of the Bar;

 11.  The peer-review rating methodology must contain standards for inclusion in the lists that are clear and consistently applied;  and

12.  The advertisement must include a disclaimer making it clear that inclusion of a lawyer in a Super Lawyers or The Best Lawyers in America list, or the rating of an attorney by any other organization based on a peer-review ranking is not a designation or recognized certification by the Supreme Court of New Jersey or the American Bar Association.

New Jersey Supreme Court opinion #39 on Super Lawyer lists and caveat emptor.


How will you pick a family lawyer in Ocean County?


Merely saying someone is super is not enough.  Ideally, you will get referrals from a former client of a lawyer.  By and large, former clients give you the best feel. Your experience with a divorce and family law attorney in Ocean County will be unique.


Divorce and family law moves fast in Ocean County


You may not have time to research referrals.  Hit the internet. Search divorce and family law attorneys in Ocean County. You see many results. Reviews of divorce and family law attorneys in Ocean County may be helpful. Horn Law Group reviews. So many new clients combined referrals with thorough searches of the internet to select a  divorce and family lawyer.


Has your lawyer written family law books?


I love writing. I have written multiple books regarding family law. My most recent book is First Eight Days of Your Divorce. The book was number one on Amazon new releases divorce and family law for several weeks. I also write at least one family law blog post per week. Check back here to keep up with our regular posts. Jeff J. Horn – Family Law Books.


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